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March 29, 2009
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"Well young Dragon, where might you be?" Ignitus pondered allowed as he stared at the book hovering before him.  As the newly appointed Chronicler, he had access to all the world's history and future before him. He closed his eyes and thought of the young purple dragon whom he had trained and had just saved the entire world.
When his eyes opened another book had floated across the room and presented itself before him. The cover revealed that it belonged to Spyro and Ignitus smiled to himself as he flipped through the pages. He read over the struggle Spyro and Cynder had faced after he had left them at the belt of fire: Spyro nearly being corrupted again, Cynder being taken over by Malefor and the two's epic battle to bring the Dark Master to his knees. When all had seemed lost Spyro used his remaining power to give new life to their dying world.
"Well done young dragons." Ignitus smiled proudly as he finished reading the page he was on. "May you both enjoy your new life of peace and prosperity." He was about to close the book when the next page began to glow. Curious, Ignitus turned the page. His eyes swept over the lines and suddenly grew wide. "Oh my!"

"I'm gunna get you Cynder!" Spyro laughed as he chased the dragoness across the sky.
"In your dreams Spyro." Cynder laughed back at him. "I've always been a better flyer than you, there's no way you can catch me." She pulled out of a dive and hovered over Spyro as he slowed down beneath her before taking off again.
"What? Since when?"
"Since always." She looked back over her shoulder to see how close he was. "And I'll prove it too."
Spyro gasped as she gave a mighty flap and shot straight up. His eyes grew wide as she turned on a dime and dove back towards him. Cynder zipped past and swatted Spyro on the nose causing him to sneeze.
"Tag, you're it! Again!" She laughed.
"Wait, I was it to begin with!" Spyro protested as he looked back over his shoulder. "You can't do doubles."
Cynder giggled as she hovered in place. Then her expression changed. "Spyro look out!" She called.
"What?" Spyro turned back around to see he had been heading straight for the ground. He yelped in surprise and bounced and skidded across the ground tearing up chunks of dirt and grass until he came to a stop.
Cynder cringed and dropped to the ground and dashed over to him. "Spyro, are you okay?" Spyro picked himself up and shook himself.
"I'm all right. Just a bit embarrassed."
Cynder sighed with a smile. "So it's just your pride that's hurt."
"Well that. And one other thing."
Cynder cocked her head. "What is it?"
"You are. Tag!" Spyro tapped her snout with his paw and jumped back out of Cynder's range.
"Hey. no fair!" Cynder snapped and lunged for Spyro who easily side-stepped her. "You can't tease me like that then play it off as if were nothing but a game!"
"Yes I can." Spyro laughed. "I just did." Cynder dove for him again and Spyro took off laughing with Cynder close behind.

Spyro sat down at the mouth of the cave to watch the stars come out. It had been two weeks since the defeat of the Dark Master. Spyro was thankful that it was all over and that he could finally rest from his fighting days.
The years had been tough with the constant danger and battles for survival. Had he not realized his powers that fateful day in his woodland forest where he'd grown up he wouldn't be where he was today.
Spyro sighed loudly. Cynder who had been gnawing on a sheep's bone stopped and looked over at him.
"Is something wrong?" She asked.
"Huh? No not at all." Spyro replied surprised that she had taken notice.
"Just thinking too much?" Cynder continued as she walked up and lay down  beside him. Spyro smiled softly to himself. Cynder was probably the only dragon, besides Ignitus, who could read him so well. "Tell me what's on your mind."
Spyro shook his head. "Nothing serious. It's just that this is the first time in my life that I've felt at peace. With everything."
"Well, ever since I was born I knew I was different from the others in my family but I wasn't sure why. I always thought that I was just an oversized dragonfly until the day I discovered my powers."
Cynder giggled. "You thought you were a dragonfly?"
"Well, yeah." Spyro nodded and sort of shied away from her.
"That just sounds funny to me. But I'm glad you're you. I don't know if I could handle another Sparx." The two dragons laughed out loud before Spyro continued.
"Anyhow, I was so confused when I first discovered my powers. I didn't know what to think anymore when my parents told me that I wasn't truly their son. Then when I left I found Ignitus who revealed my true identity and the reason for me ending up in the dragonfly village. And that's when..."
"That's when you joined the fight against me and the Dark Master." Cynder finished and Spyro nodded.
"I still wonder to this day why you saved me." Spyro looked up to see Cynder staring at him. Her eyes were pleading for an honest answer.
"It's hard to explain." Spyro sighed. "Ignitus told me of how you were captured in the raid and when I saw for myself how much we were alike, I just couldn't bring myself to let you go."
"Let me go?" Cynder cocked her head curiously.
"Maybe it was how I was raised. I don't know."
"But when everyone else is terrified of me, you never gave in to what you heard. Even when you were forced to fight me you wouldn't do it. Why?"
"What if I really had killed you? Or at least hurt you."
"I don't know." Spyro shook his head. "I guess I was bent on not believing you were truly evil. I wanted you to experience something good in your life. Have a real friend." He looked back up at Cynder whose eyes seemed to be glowing. They were definitely wet with tears. The dragoness closed her eyes and let a few tears fall from them before looking up at the night sky.
Spyro followed her gaze and looked up as stars shot across the sky like rain drops.
"It's so beautiful isn't it?" Cynder whispered.
"Breathtaking." Spyro nodded as he watched the light reflect off her black scales.
"Could I see your home?"
"My home?"
"Where you grew up. Your foster parents. Where you and Sparx lived before."
"Y-yeah. Sure." Spyro stammered. He was definitely surprised by this request.
Cynder turned away from the sky and looked into him with her glowing aqua eyes. "Thank you Spyro." She started to lean in towards him. Spyro hesitated a moment then leaned in himself. As he let his eyelids droop he noticed Cynder's head moving downwards. She avoided his mouth and nuzzled her head under his jaw. She cooed softly and inched closer to Spyro's warm scaly body. The purple dragon only smiled and draped a wing around her before they went back to watching the night sky.
Chapter 1 of the acclaimed series Age of Heros. I don't own Spyro but I DO OWN AGE OF HEROS!
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